KM#41 -- 20 Paise Lotus blossom Complete Set

Details as per standard catalog : 

All mints and all year -- Complete set 

Year : 1968

Year : 1969

Year : 1970

Year : 1971

Reverse of all coins are same as shown below :

Click on any of the images above to have a zoomed view of coin

Note : If anyone has got any more kind of variants in these types of coin kindly share in comment section :)

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Piedfort Coins

A Piedfort or piedforte (misspelled as piefort in the influential Krause and Mishler Standard Catalog of World Coins), is a coin often exactly twice its  normal specifications like weight and thickness. The name is derived from a French word , meaning "heavy foot". They are normally not circulated, and only struck for presentation purposes by mint officials for collectors or VIPs or available in Proof set of Coins.
Great Britain's Royal Mint is well known for creating many commemorative piedfort coins, especially since the 1980s.

Not many such kind of coins have been minted in India.
As per Standard Catalog of World Coins , Krause Publicaiton only one such coin was minted in India, whose detail are as follow :

KM# 277  -- 100 RUPEES
29.1600 gm, 0.9250 Silver 0.8672 oz.
ASW Series: International Year of the Child 
Obv: Asoka lion pedestal, denomination below
Rev: Native musicians and dancer

Minted in year 1981 as Proof Coin by Mumbai Mint.

1996 Rs.5 IRON COIN (Rusted)

Above is the image of Rs.5 rusted coin. It has been minted in year 1996(properly not visible in image).
Is this coin fake or genuine ?? as once I saw a person selling similar IRON rs.5 coin of year 1996 on eBay claiming that this coin was minted by mistake in iron by government mint. 

If you have any infromation kindly share it.

Maharana Pratap Die Rotation Error Coin

Recently I found one Maharana Pratap Mumbai Mint Die rotation Error Coin. It had some 15 degree rotation in the central axis of front and back faces.
Can anyone verify this error or all Maharana Pratap Coins were minted in this way only(i.e. with rotation error)
What could be the value for this coin ?

Rs.5 coin of 1999 Hyderabad Mint - Security Edge

I found one Rs.5 coin  of 1999 Hyderabad Mint with unusual security edge... similar to the one found in Rs.1 coins of 1992... Is this a variant or error or what ?
 Do any one got any idea about it ?
I think no other mint has used such security edge in their mintage...
DO any one has got any more info ?

5 rupee Variants and some doubts

Above are some 5 rupee coins minted in the year 2009 by various mints...
---*--- First and second coins are minted in Hyderabad mint with different fonts.. clearly visible in above image..(see the digit '9' in '2009').. can any one tell if its some variant coin or error coin ?
---*--- third and sixth are Kolkata mint coins with difference in printing.. in 3rd coin all prints are more sharper.. where as in sixh coin all images and text have very smooth and blurred kind of edge as clearly visible.. 
can any one tell if its some sort of error or what ? its not double strike error for sure..

---*--- fifth coin is a off-center non planer error coin of kolkata mint with same smooth printing as of 6th image.

--*--- forth is a mumbai mint coin

Can anyone tell me if Nodia mint printed these coins ? and did any other mint also printed the same ? Is ther any more varity in these coins in 2009 ??
Also can anyone tell me if the coin was minted in any other material other than Brass ? was any Cu-Ni version minted ?
Is the sixth coin in the image made of Cu-Ni ?? How to find it out ?