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Free Encyclopedia
The Free Indian Coins Encyclopedia is a project of Shastri Numismatics Academy to release a large number of Ebooks on different aspects of Indian Coins. The Ebooks will be issued in full-colour, and everyone is permitted to distribute them from their own websites. Each ebook is continually updated and you should keep checking for revised volumes after you download one or more of them. Here are the presently available volumes:

Free Magazines
Numis Indica is a totally free high-circulation PDF magazine committed to Indian coins and numismatics. It enjoys worldwide download and circulation. It contains popular articles, scholarly papers, useful information, and advertisement from selected sellers and numismatic/coin organizations. Download your FREE issue today itself:

Free Reference Books

Downloadable Indian Coins Free Reference Books: The study of Indian Coins can be facilitated by a large number of reference books on Indian Coins, Indian Numismatics, and Indian History. Many of these are available in PDF format, but lie scattered all over the world and on numerous websites. Here is a pioneering effort by Shastri Coins Academy to gather them all in one place for your download.
Indian Coins: Museum Catalogs (Ordered By Place-name)
Indian Coins: Individual Catalogs
Coins: General Reference Works

  • Standard Catalog of World Coins by Krause Publication -
    For each century
    1901 -2000
    2001 - Present
    Depending on what coins you want to know, you can buy that book. It contains all the years of issue and the current price of the coin, mintage, metal used, etc. Very useful starter book! 

    You can download  soft copy of it from torrent network too . :)