5 rupee Variants and some doubts

Above are some 5 rupee coins minted in the year 2009 by various mints...
---*--- First and second coins are minted in Hyderabad mint with different fonts.. clearly visible in above image..(see the digit '9' in '2009').. can any one tell if its some variant coin or error coin ?
---*--- third and sixth are Kolkata mint coins with difference in printing.. in 3rd coin all prints are more sharper.. where as in sixh coin all images and text have very smooth and blurred kind of edge as clearly visible.. 
can any one tell if its some sort of error or what ? its not double strike error for sure..

---*--- fifth coin is a off-center non planer error coin of kolkata mint with same smooth printing as of 6th image.

--*--- forth is a mumbai mint coin

Can anyone tell me if Nodia mint printed these coins ? and did any other mint also printed the same ? Is ther any more varity in these coins in 2009 ??
Also can anyone tell me if the coin was minted in any other material other than Brass ? was any Cu-Ni version minted ?
Is the sixth coin in the image made of Cu-Ni ?? How to find it out ?